Telecommunications and Energy

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Contract and tariff compliance assessments
FSA conducts contract compliance assessments for public and private sector clients by applying a strong accounting and regulatory background to contracts and tariffs. Our efforts have obtained amounts due for prior periods and increased going-forward revenue streams, and reduced payments for expenses.

  • Conducted access-line fee reviews of amounts paid by telecommunications providers to a large Texas City.
  • Reviewed franchise fee payments from cable providers, waste haulers, and utilities to cities to determine franchise compliance
  • Reviewed payments for ancillary services from Qualified Scheduling Entity to owner to determine contract compliance.
  • Developed pole-attachment rates and contracts for publicly owned electric utilities.
  • Represented small telecom provider in challenging pole attachment rates charged by major electric utility before the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Reviewed fuel cost of gas charges for tariff compliance on behalf of a municipality.
  • Conducted studies for public service commissions and other public entities relating to the sufficiency and adequacy of basic services provided by major telecommunications utilities.
  • Conducted a Request for Proposal for electricity for a large Gulf Coast school district.

Market research and assessment
FSA researched regulatory rules and procedures and assisted clients with comparison of their current products or development of future rates and services.

  • Performed rate comparison of competitive rates in Texas to rates offered by municipal utilities.
  • Developed competitive rate index of bids obtained for small commercial customers.
  • Conducted feasibility study for telephone company entrance into the restructured markets in New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Managed competitive market pilot program mandated by Public Utility Commission of Texas prior to market opening in Texas.
  • Evaluated the conservation program for a large natural gas franchisee.

Regulatory review and financial analysis
FSA personnel have been involved in regulatory processes at the federal, state and local levels. We represent client’s interest in telecom and energy rate, billing disputes and rulemaking proceedings. Our many years of experience provide clients with expertise in the financial and policy-making arenas.

  • Represented large customers in municipally-owned electric rate review.
  • Participated in various gas utility rate making process before municipalities.
  • Provided analysis and expert testimony at the PUC in contested rate proceedings.
  • Participated in needs assessment and gap analysis for electric utility accounting and reporting for implementation of Texas Senate Bill 7 for two municipally-owned electric utilities.
  • Conducted research concerning treatment of general fund transfers and reserve requirements for a large municipal utility.
  • Provided analysis and expert testimony on behalf of state agency regarding customer service in merger proceeding involving large telecommunications companies.
  • Performed analysis of telecommunications service quality issues on behalf of state regulatory agencies.
  • Evaluated forward-looking cost studies for unbundled network elements on behalf of state regulators and public sector clients.
  • Represented a large industrial customer in Public Utility Commission of Texas proceeding involving the securitization of the regulatory assets of a major electric utility.
  • Performed needs assessments for government and public access cable television channels.

Strategic planning
FSA used focus groups and surveys to determine feasibility for successful market entry. We developed business plans with revenue and cost estimates that provided rate of return for potential investors.

  • Facilitated generation resource and carbon reduction planning for a large municipal utility using an interactive web site with survey and blog, stakeholder groups and town hall meetings.
  • Developed and moderated public town hall meeting and facilitated planning for the board of a "smart grid" project.
  • Performed asset valuation and strategic planning for a large wholesale power supplier’s telecommunications network.
  • Assisted public entities with a needs assessments and system designs for community development grants for community networks.
  • Strategic planning, reorganization of business practices and accounting systems for telecommunications consulting firm.
  • Developed strategies for use of excess fiber capacity in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system of regional power authority.
  • Developed policy and procedures to assist government entities and economic-development groups to encourage competitive entry of telecommunications service providers.
  • Developed business plan and compliance procedures for market entry for a Retail Electric Provider.
  • Assisted local development authority with planning for telecommunications and electric systems control.
  • Performed preliminary energy audits for Texas cities to assist them with energy conservation planning and compliance with Texas Senate Bill 5.

Take Charge®
Our initiative to help customers take advantage of the additional energy programs available which will help decrease a consumer's overall energy spend.

  • Demand Response
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Predominant Use Studies
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Lighting Retrofits

Governmental Aggregation Project
The Governmental Aggregation Project (GAP) was formed for several reasons and now has many purposes. When purchasing electricity, GAP is useful in aiding, acting and negotiating on behalf of its Members with respect to their own electricity use for their respective public facilities. The project can also help its Members benefit when making contracts for the purchase of electricity as well as taking any other actions necessary to purchase electricity for use in the public facilities of the political subdivision or subdivisions represented by the corporation. In addition, GAP can act as a local cooperative organization to purchase goods and ancillary services for its members.

GAP provides the following for its members:

  • Conducts requests for bids to Retail Electric Providers to provide electricity in the competitive market.
  • Negotiates contracts for power with Retail Electric Providers.
  • Provides the legal support for the bidding and contracting process.
  • Keeps the members informed of changes in the PUCT rules or cases that affect them and intervene in cases when appropriate.
  • Continues to keep the Public Utility Commission of Texas informed about billing problems and other items that will provide for a more liquid and competitive market.
  • Provides services related to the purchase and use of electricity, including energy efficiency services, preparation and execution of requests for proposals for energy-related services or equipment.

Current members of GAP are the cities of Wharton, West University Place, Sealy, Farmers Branch, Taylor, and the Oak Manor Municipal Utility District.